Golden Eagle Lodge and COVID-19 Safety

As everyone is aware, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on people and their day-to-day lives. The state has allowed resorts to be open immediately. We will be open for the summer season starting May 8th. Our campground will open June 1. For your safety, and the safety of all our staff, we will be making some temporary operational changes. Below you can find the list of major changes, separated by category. If you have any questions about these, do not hesitate to call us. We want everyone to have an enjoyable, relaxing, and safe vacation!


  • The lounge area and public restroom will be closed for the time being. In our effort to avoid the spread of germs, guests will be asked to use the bathrooms in their private cabins. For campground guests, the bath house will still be open and cleaned regularly with CDC-approved cleaning products.
  • Additional outdoor seating will be provided for WiFi use around the lodge building. The screen porch will remain open, but we ask that guests using the screen porch maintain proper social distancing.
  • A Plexiglas barrier will be installed at the check-in counter. The store remains open, but we are limiting the shoppers to one party at a time in the store, with a 15 minute shopping limit if others are waiting. We are also providing an online store with cabin drop-off for any who would prefer to shop that way.
  • With the lounge closed and in our efforts to keep ourselves and our employees well-rested, lodge hours will be reduced – our summer hours are 8am to 6pm daily.

Nature Program

  • In keeping with direction from the State of MN, the Nature Program and Fishing Seminar have been suspended until further notice. This includes the weekly campfire. We are happy to make arrangements for private parties to use the tipi on an individual party basis.
  • The Nature Center will be closed until further notice.


  • We have always prided ourselves on having meticulously cleaned cabins. We already meet the CDC guidelines for cleaning, but we will be implementing further levels of cleaning, disinfection, and rest-time between guests.
  • Check-in time will be one hour later, with check-in time moving to 4pm instead of 3pm. We will be holding firm on this unless the cabin was unoccupied the previous night.
  • Check-out time will be moved one hour earlier. While we understand this may be an inconvenience, we ask that everyone comply with this out of due respect and concern for the next party occupying the cabin.
  • Please contact us with any specific concerns about cleaning procedures, and we will be happy to answer your questions and work with you if you have a specific concern.


  • The safety and well-being of our employees is of the utmost importance to us. When engaging in housekeeping, we will be requiring employees to wear masks and gloves, per Gov. Walz’s direction.
  • We will do our best to offer the highest level of hospitality and customer service to each and every guest. That being said, we will be encouraging our employees to maintain appropriate social distancing while providing services and interacting with guests. Some employees may choose to wear masks during all interactions – look for their smiling eyes!

Around the property

  • We are working hard to procure hand-sanitizer stations to install at every door around the property. We ask that each of our guests takes advantage of these measures.
  • The fish cleaning house will be limited to one party at a time. Disinfectant will be provided for use between parties. It will be each individual’s responsibility to take advantage of these measures.


  • If you would like to wear masks while interacting with ourselves or our employees, we will certainly not be offended.
  • Our livelihood depends on each of you, our guests. We appreciate your continued support and loyalty during this difficult time. We are here because of you, and we appreciate your understanding of the changes we are making this summer to keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • Please contact us if you have any specific concerns. We will be happy to try to work with you to make you feel confident and comfortable with your upcoming stay.

With Gratitude,
Zach and Ruth Baumann

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