Ruth and her dog, Whiskey, posing with Kassbohrer Pisten Bully 100 ski trail grooming vehicle.

The Kassbohrer Pisten Bully 100 is the star of the Golden Eagle Lodge trail grooming team. Purchased new (again) in 2023 to replace the 1985 Pisten Bully 130, this is a hi-tech Nordic trail groomer, designed specifically for grooming world-class ski trails. Among the many improvements to its grooming capabilities over our old machine, the PB100 is quieter,  more powerful, and more eco-friendly. The PB100 is the smallest and most agile of the Pisten Bully family, allowing it to traverse our winding trails with ease. With continual and adjustable depth tilling, as well as a 3D blade, we can groom in a wide variety of conditions, creating a perfect skate deck and classic track, regardless of the weather.

Ruth standing on the Trail Grooming vehicle

As the primary Pisten Bully operator, Ruth has a passion for grooming ski trails. She sets her alarm based on snowfall and temperature, often grooming during the night so that guests can wake up to freshly-laid classic tracks and a firmly-set skate deck. A complete grooming run of the Golden Eagle Lodge half of the Central Gunflint Ski Trail System takes 4-6 hours, based upon snow and trail conditions. During big snowfalls, grooming occurs continuously. Coming from a background in farming, Ruth loves operating big machinery and pushing her own skill and knowledge base to get the most out of any machine’s capabilities. She is always skiing her own grooming to see where there is room for improvement.

Whiskey the dog sitting in the cab of the Ski Trail Grooming vehicle

Whiskey, the resident golden of Golden Eagle Lodge, serves as the chief co-pilot and wildlife spotter on grooming runs. At 7 years old, he is starting to take long naps in the groomer. Of course, his spotting skills do go downhill when he dozes off mid-run. He especially enjoys watching out the front window anytime the 3D blade is in use. He does not enjoy some of the big hills on the most advanced ski trails, but is a sport about it regardless. Whiskey has learned that his bravery on the hills is usually rewarded with a treat!

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