Central Gunflint Ski Trail Conditions on February 12, 2024

New Snow Last 48 hours:  2.0”
New Snow Last 7 days:  2.0”
Trail Base, Staked:  Varies
Snow in Woods, Staked:  Varies
Groomed with classic track:  11 km
Groomed with skate lane:   16 km
Surface Conditions:  Fresh snow, thin in some places.
Last grooming day:  2-12-24
Total season snowfall:  10.50”

Comments: We are skiing again! After a disheartening week of warm temps and rain, we are now experiencing some “normal” winter weather conditions once again. No forecasted temps above freezing and several days with the potential of snow this week. Things are looking on the up-and-up.

We received about 2” of fresh snow in the last couple days. Its not a lot, but it is enough to work with again. We groomed our Flour Lake Campground Loop this morning and we were very happy with how it turned out. Good skies should be safe on that trail. We also groomed Logging Camp and Deer Mouse trails. The first section of Logging Camp has some grass poking through, especially in the classic track, but the skate deck turned out really nice. We recommend B-skies on most of Logging Camp. Deer Mouse is groomed with only a skate deck and has some incredibly good sections as well as several sections that will warrant rock skies.

On the lakes, most of the snow out there melted from the warm weather last week so our lake trails are pretty much starting from scratch again. The south shorelines are quite protected from sunlight so we didn’t have complete snow loss over there. We were able to get a nice trail and track set across the lake from the lodge, west to the campground loop. We plan to groom additional trails on the south shore heading east in the upcoming days. Bearskin was also able to get a nice trail set on the south shore of Aspen Lake and was able to regroom Summer Home and Campground Loop. They mentioned that Summer Home had a couple rock spots popping through, but was otherwise good, as is their Campground Loop.

It’s been a weird winter indeed and we appreciate everyone who has made the trip up to experience the winter we do have. We’ll keep you updated on snow conditions as we continue through the week!

Grooming frequently occurs between the release of new trail reports. For the most up to date grooming information, as well specific trail conditions, please contact Golden Eagle Lodge (218-388-2203) or Bearskin Lodge (218-388-2292). Central Gunflint Ski Pass Required.

Photos from Feb 12, 2024. Click to enlarge.

Snow Totals

November Total 2023 – 8 inches (sadly, it all melted)

December 2023
Dec 1 – 31:  0.0 inches
December Total 2023 – 0.00 inches

January 2024
Jan 1 – Jan 6:  4.50 inches
Jan 7 – Jan 13:  4.00 inches
January Total 2024 – 8.50 inches

February 2024
Feb 1 – Feb 10:  0.00 inches
Feb 11 – Feb 12:  2.0 inches
February Total 2024 – 2.00 inches

Total Snowfall 2023-2024 – 10.50 inches


Total Snowfall 2022-2023 – 148.25 inches
Total Snowfall 2021-2022 – 177.25 inches
Total Snowfall 2020-2021 – 47.00 inches
Total Snowfall 2019-2020 – 101.50 inches
Total Snowfall 2018-2019 – 96.28 inches

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