Despite the -9.7 degree Fahrenheit that graced the screen of my indoor/outdoor thermometer this morning, there are signs of spring here at Golden Eagle Lodge. A few of my observations from this past week: When driving the PB130 trail groomer across Flour and Aspen Lake, despite the bitterly cold temperatures outside, if the sun is out, the window has to be opened to prevent roasting oneself inside the groomer in the heat of the sun! Second, pavement is once again visible on the Gunflint Trail. Oh! What a welcome sight! It’s a pity the frost heaves won’t disappear as quickly as the ice/snow cover. Third, I looked out the window tonight at 6:07 pm and could still see light in the sky! All of that being said, and with the great anticipation with which we await spring, there are still weeks of good skiing ahead. We’ve had a phenomenal amount of snow this winter on the Gunflint Trail, and the entire Central Gunflint Trail Ski System is in prime condition. At last measurement, we had over 16” of trail base. Tomorrow morning, I will be out again grooming. Trail conditions should be wonderful throughout the weekend. If skiing isn’t your thing, don’t forget the snowshoe trails. They are perfect right now!