Dog Golden Eagle Lodge Gunflint Trail Pet Fish

Photo by Brianna Baumann

Today was a glorious day here on the Gunflint Trail. The past few years, March has been frigidly cold. I’ll never forget my first winter on the Gunflint, looking at a thermometer reading -20 degrees Fahrenheit, and being told “this is somewhat normal.” It’s a miracle I didn’t pack my bags and leave right then! Today was a far cry from that -20 mid-March day. With temperatures reaching the upper 40s, we were able to sneak away from Golden Eagle Lodge and take a sibling ice fishing trip to Moss Lake. Even the dog, Whiskey, got to come along! While the fishing was, for the most, part very bad, we did catch two Lake Trout AND a sunburn! It’s not too often you get to go ice fishing in T-shirts! Whiskey spent the entire day chasing snowballs and racing us to the tip-ups every time a flag went up. For those dreaming of spring, the season is about to change! But, for the winter enthusiasts, we’ve still got a couple solid weeks of skiing ahead, too!