When people ask us what we do in the off-season, our usual response is “spring clean and go on vacation.” Well, this year, for us, the vacations aren’t happening. But I’ll let you in on some of the secrets of the other things we do at this time of year. As the snow melts off the lakes and they become easy to walk on, we enjoy going for afternoon walks and scouring the shores and trees for fishing lures. Usually we cover about 50% of the banks of Flour lake on these Lure Walks. Well, this year, given the cancellation of all other events and vacations, we have had a bit more time to scour the shores. After searching every inch of Flour Lake (and finding some lovely lures that some of you lost☺), today’s Baumann Sibling Lure Walk took us to Rudy Lake. We didn’t find any lures, but we did find a lot of otter tracks, otter slides, and a life jacket. We all learned something else today, too. If ever you find an otter hole, watch your step! About 10-15 feet from every hole, the otters have a well-beaten path to their own personal latrine! So funny! The things you can learn on a Lure Walk! Despite the current shutdown, the rest of our day was spent cutting firewood and prepping for the summer rush – we trust it will come, albeit a bit later than usual. Happy walking, everyone!